Off The Wagon Tours offers a unique and entertaining experience for visitors and locals in Nashville, Tennessee. With their renowned Nashville Party Wagon, they provide a lively and immersive way to explore the city’s vibrant culture, music scene, and iconic landmarks. More can be found here.

The Nashville Party Wagon:

The Nashville Party Wagon is the flagship attraction of Off The Wagon Tours. This open-air wagon, pulled by a tractor, offers a one-of-a-kind party atmosphere. Complete with a custom sound system, LED lights, and a lively tour guide; the Party Wagon is a rolling party on wheels. Visitors can sing along to popular songs, dance to the beats, and enjoy the energetic vibe as they journey through the streets of Nashville. Click here to read about Ezell Road Park: A Tranquil Retreat in Nashville, Tennessee.

Entertaining Guides and Landmarks:

Off The Wagon Tours’ knowledgeable and entertaining guides make the Party Wagon experience truly unforgettable. They provide engaging commentary, fascinating stories, and interesting facts about the city’s history, famous musicians, and iconic landmarks. As the wagon cruises through downtown Nashville, visitors can catch glimpses of notable sites such as the Country Music Hall of Fame, Ryman Auditorium, and the Honky Tonk Highway.

Nashville Mural Photo Opportunities:

One highlight of the Party Wagon tour is the Nashville Mural, a colorful and Instagram-worthy spot for photos. Located in the city’s heart, the mural showcases Nashville’s vibrant arts scene and serves as a backdrop for capturing memories. Visitors can step off the Party Wagon, strike a pose, and snap photos in front of this iconic mural, creating lasting mementos of their Nashville adventure.

Private Group and Special Event Options:

Off The Wagon Tours also offers private group tours and special event packages. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday celebration, or corporate outing, the Party Wagon can be customized to cater to specific group needs and preferences. These private tours provide a fun and memorable way to bond with friends, colleagues, or loved ones while exploring the city.


Off The Wagon Tours’ Nashville Party Wagon is a must-try experience for anyone seeking a lively and immersive adventure in Music City; with its entertaining guides, iconic landmarks, and photo opportunities like the Nashville Mural, the Party Wagon tour offers a unique way to discover Nashville, Tennessee’s rich culture and energetic spirit. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, hop aboard the Party Wagon for an unforgettable journey through Nashville’s vibrant streets.