Antioch, Tennessee, boasts a culinary gem that caters to the most discerning sweet tooth and coffee connoisseur – JOS Fifteen. This charming establishment offers a delightful combination of coffee, ice cream, bakery treats, and sweets, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. More can be found here.

A Fusion of Flavors: Coffee and Ice Cream

At JOS Fifteen, patrons can experience the best of both worlds with a seamless fusion of coffee and ice cream. The menu features a wide selection of freshly brewed coffees, including classic espresso-based drinks and gourmet pour-overs, catering to the preferences of all coffee lovers. Complementing the coffee offerings is an array of mouthwatering ice cream flavors that cater to diverse tastes. From creamy classics like vanilla and chocolate to innovative concoctions like salted caramel and cookie dough explosion, JOS Fifteen’s ice cream selection ensures an unforgettable frozen treat experience. Click here to read about Antioch Park: A Tranquil Oasis in Antioch, TN.

Scrumptious Bakery Treats

The aroma of freshly baked goodies fills the air at JOS Fifteen, where the bakery section delights visitors with a delectable assortment of pastries and treats. From flaky croissants to moist muffins and buttery scones to decadent brownies, the bakery is a paradise for those with a penchant for sweet and savory delights.

Satisfying Sweet Cravings

For those with a sweet tooth, JOS Fifteen has an entire section dedicated to confectionery delights. Indulge in candies, chocolates, and sugary treats catering to all ages. Whether nostalgic candies that bring back childhood memories or premium chocolates for the refined palate, the sweets selection promises to satisfy every craving.

An Inviting Ambiance

Beyond its delectable offerings, JOS Fifteen offers a welcoming ambiance that beckons patrons to relax and savor their treats. Cozy seating arrangements, warm lighting, and friendly staff create a convivial atmosphere that encourages guests to linger and enjoy their coffee, ice cream, or baked goods leisurely.

Community Engagement and Events

JOS Fifteen actively engages with the local community through various events and initiatives. From hosting live music nights to organizing fundraisers for charitable causes, the establishment strives to foster a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among its patrons.


JOS Fifteen in Antioch, TN, is a haven for food enthusiasts and coffee lovers, offering an all-encompassing culinary experience. From top-notch coffees and delectable ice creams to mouthwatering bakery treats and an assortment of sweets, the establishment leaves no stone unturned in satisfying diverse palates. With its inviting ambiance and community-focused approach, JOS Fifteen has undoubtedly earned its place as a beloved destination in the heart of Antioch. Whether you require a caffeine boost, an indulgent ice cream treat, or a delightful pastry, JOS Fifteen promises a memorable and satisfying visit for all.