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How to Sell an Inherited House Without Stress

Inheriting a house from a loved one can be a wonderful gift and a challenging situation to navigate all at the same time. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a few options on what you can do with the home, such as move into it, rent it out, or sell it. One of the more common choices for beneficiaries is to move into an inherited home and sell the property they’ve been living in. In other cases, if you inherit a home you may choose to rent the home out as a source of income. 

Or you can hold an estate sale to sell off unneeded items before selling the home itself. If you’re planning on selling an inherited house, this guide can help you avoid the usual pitfalls and obstacles that can cost money, prolong the process, and add to your frustration.(1)

What happens when a house is inherited?

The specific process for inheriting a house or other property varies depending on where you live and the value of the dead person’s estate. Typically, the house must go through probate before you can receive it as an inheritance. Depending on state law, this can be true even if you inherit a paid-off house. In other situations, the home may instead be transferred through a transfer-on-death deed or according to the regulations of a trust.

The Probate Process

When a person dies, everything they own is included in their estate. After someone dies, their estate may go through probate, which is the legal process for passing on their property, money, and other assets. During the probate process, the person in charge of the estate – the executor or personal representative – will handle all of the paperwork, ensure the estate’s debts are paid, handle any tax returns the estate must file, and ensure the estate’s property and assets are transferred to the appropriate beneficiaries. Probate might take months or even years, depending on the size and complexity of the estate. 

Probate might take longer and cost more if disagreements exist about who will inherit a decedent’s assets. When someone inherits a home, the house’s title is changed into their name, and they become the new owners. If the inherited property is not paid off, the new owner will be responsible for all home maintenance and debts, including the mortgage. Chances are the house can pass to many people.

Tips for Selling an Inherited House

Ensure the Will is Transparent

If you inherited a residence from a deceased relative, make certain that everything has gone through the correct legal processes. You don’t want to spend time and money preparing a house to sell only to discover that it was actually willed to someone else or that there are other claims against it. The first and most critical step is to resolve the legal difficulties. After you’ve confirmed that the house truly belongs to you, you can plan the next steps for selling the inherited house.

Determine the House’s Current Value

Knowing how much the house is worth saves you from getting ripped off. Depending on the present situation of the real estate market, you may have a large number of people interested in purchasing the home. You might even have relatives who desire the house, and they’ll try to get it at a low price. However, you can obtain an appraisal or seek the professional advice of a realtor. 

You can also use online tools that calculate the value of homes to get an estimated value before and after any specified renovations.

Work with a Trusted Expert

You need sound advice if you want to sell my house fast Nashville. Advice on property worth, what to do before selling to receive the greatest price, when to list the property, and so on. Don’t try to figure everything out on your own. Speak with a realtor, an appraiser, and possibly a contractor, as well as experienced friends. 

Additionally, if you want to sell your house fast, consider selling to a we buy houses Nashville company. A we buy houses Nashville Tennessee company will advise you on what to do before selling your inherited property and save you money because you won’t need to complete any repairs.

Address Any Liens 

Past title concerns, such as tiny liens or other claims, are sometimes tied to a house. If you are unsure about any of these, you can investigate whether they are a concern for the house you acquired. Selling an inherited house is significantly easier when the title is clear, and there are no claims against it. Liens can be paid off at closing, but you should be aware that they exist.

Otherwise, the money needed to pay off the liens will be deducted from the amount you expected to earn as the seller.

Take Inventory of Required Repairs

The house you inherited may require repairs depending on who owned it and how they treated it. This is prevalent in most residences, especially older ones. However, taking on those repairs and renovations can feel overwhelming, especially if you already have a busy life. Examine the house objectively, and consider hiring a pre-sale home inspection to uncover any hidden faults that could affect your sale price. 

Concentrate on the changes that will provide the most return when you sell. If you need to undertake renovations before selling but don’t want to pay for them out of pocket, you should consider selling to a we buy ugly houses Nashville TN company. A Nashville we buy houses company will not ask you to complete any repairs or replace any applications. A we buy Nashville houses company will purchase the inherited house as-is without the need to modify or even remove any of the current items. 

Selling an inherited residence can be the most rapid and straightforward option.


Selling a home inherited from a deceased loved one comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s already an emotional process, and adding the regular stress of selling any property may easily make even the most composed person feel overwhelmed. Having the correct information and resources will help you prepare for any problems, making the sale process easier and more tolerable. For instance, selling to a we buy houses Nashville TN company will help you avoid completing repairs on a house you will never live in. 


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