Berry Hill, Tennessee, located in Davidson County, is one of the most beloved cities of the Volunteer State. Known for its rich history in music and its strong sense of community, it is no wonder why this historic town is so treasured by its citizens. The city of Berry Hill boasts an impressive lineage that dates back to the 1580s when the area was occupied by Native American tribes such as the Chickasaw and the Cherokee. These tribes had a deep respect for music which still rings true in Berry Hill today. Learn more here.

Though not officially coinciding until 1783, the city of Berry Hill was long home to Native Americans who lived peacefully and respectfully on the land. Lewis Daniel, a settler of German descent, is the first documented settler of the area and was part of the Age of Jackson in which many settlers flocked to the now-Tennessee. It was in Berkley Hill that Daniel planted an agricultural bounty that still continues to produce to this day. The city’s story is deeply ingrained with music. Traveling troupes of performers came to the village in the 1800s and put on shows for the residents. Music was frequently heard emanating from the streets, adding an element of life to the village. One of the most notable personalities of the area was Chet Atkins, who grew up in Berry Hill and later went on to become one of the most renowned guitarists of all time. Even today, it is not uncommon to hear the sounds of bluegrass coming from the local pub or restaurant. Learn more about The Beauty of Brentwood, Tennessee.