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What is Adverse Possession?

In real estate, adverse possession is when someone who does not own the house has had active possession or use of the property for a certain amount of time, the ownership transfers from the owner to the person who has been taking care of the property. If someone claims adverse possession, the party using the land will receive the title or deed to the land after a certain amount of time. In the State of Tennessee common law, ownership transfers after 20 years when the ownership qualifies. These qualifications are active, visible, continuous, true, and peaceable possession from a non-owning party. In some cases of adverse possession in Tennessee, there can be as little as 7 years of proof to transfer the title. Call us today and see how we can help!

we buy houses Nashville TN

When you need help with your real estate, you know who to call. That’s right! Olive Tree Homes is here for you! We have online articles and PDFs explaining the benefits of selling it through us versus a realtor or even selling it yourself. There are so many other things you can do with your real estate. Or, if it's not your real estate and you’ve had proof of direct, real, seen possession, there may be something you can do for the property. Give us a call today! We would love to discuss assisting you with whatever you need.

How can Olive Tree Homes help with Adverse Possession?

Olive Tree Homes can help with any and all questions about adverse possession in Nashville, or Tennessee Eviction Process, Olive Tree Homes provides the know-how for any situation dealing with real estate. We have you covered. Please do not hesitate to call, as we will either know or can research the specifics of your situation to find the best answer for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

What other services does Olive Tree Homes provide?

Olive Tree Homes provides many real estate services in the Nashville area, including buying homes for cash. We offer educational content to help you get where you want to go. When we purchase homes for cash, we offer to pay closing costs and provide time as needed to move. We are trying to help our customers in a tough spot while we can turn around and get a return, so everybody wins. 


Olive Tree Homes is the best resource to go to when you need help with adverse possession in Tennessee. The most common legal phrase included in the Tennessee Common Law is the “color of title.” This is a fancy legal phrase that means proof of title. If the non-owner party can prove that ownership was transferred by the owning party, like a contract binding napkin that includes the clause and signatures, sometimes the Tennessee court system will pass ownership of the real estate to the non-owning party. There are many other tricks that we cannot wait to show you. Do not hesitate to use us as an asset. We very much look forward to serving you and our community!

At Olive Tree Homes, there are never fees or commissions when it comes to selling a home or any other part of the business. Come to us if you want to sell your house fast in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to the Tennessee state common law, In Tennessee, someone may claim the title after seven years (or 20 years without color of the title) if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must enter the land without the owner’s permission (hence the term “adverse”);
  • Must actually be on the land, using and caring for it as if it were his or her own;
  • Must use the land and/or structure in an open manner (in other words, it may not be secretive or covert); and
  • Must use the land continuously for seven years without sharing this possession with others (unless it’s possession by tenants in common).

When our experts show up, they look at three main areas to determine the property’s value. First, location! Location! Location! We all know location plays a big factor in determining the value of a home. It can be even more than the second factor – condition. An old, cramped house in Nashville is still worth a lot of money. The house’s condition plays a big role in how much its value. The last factor included is the repairs needed to get the property in a sellable position. All of these factors play a huge role in determining the home’s value. We offer a fair cash offer for your home, so you will be ready to move on over a couple of weeks. We also pay the closing costs! Whatever we can do for our customers!

In Summary

Overall, Olive Tree Homes is your one-stop shop for all problems to do with real estate. Whether you need a cash buyer for your current home, some educational material on how to use a professional home buyer, or some adverse possession assistance, we have you covered. We are looking forward to your call!

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